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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy of HNA Hospitality Group

Following the philosophy of “Serving Guests Wholeheartedly and Working Hard”, HNA Hospitality Group enables guests to have excellent business travel and holiday experience.We respect and protect every guest’s privacy and personal information, and relevant personal information helps us satisfy each honorable guest’s needs rapidly.

Application scope

The privacy policy applies to the data and information of our guests and other people having business connections with us. It is also applicable to management of any data and information in electronic or written form. This policy has been adopted by all hotels and other affiliated enterprises of HNA Hospitality Group.

Personal information collection

HNA Hospitality Group may ask guests to provide the following information:
   personal information, contact particulars, valid certificate information;
   check-in information including the hotel, check-in/check-out dates, special demands, service preference information, and fax and telephone call information;
  detailed information of credit card, Tangla Club member information, online account information, code, and other frequent flyer program’s member information;
   Your opinions for our service;
   Information concerning the guest’s credit.
We will not collect the personal information (name, birthday, nationality, etc.) of juveniles under 18, unless it is directly provided by adults or provided by juveniles themselves with the permission of the adults Please ensure that your minor children will not provide any personal information to us (through Internet, for instance) without your permission.

Use of Personal information

We may use your personal data and information to:
   Handle membership applications and manage membership;
   Handle hotel room/dining room reservation;
   Provide benefits and services to members;
   Provide improved and personalized services to you;
  Perform the contract obligations for you or the enterprises/individuals that arrange travels for you, and other servicers (such as credit card companies, aviation company and other frequent flyer awarding program);
   Conduct market analysis/investigation and customer satisfaction survey for improving service quality;
   Give feedbacks to the requirements of information and service;
   Manage daily records;
  Facilitate direct marketing, promotions and customer management, including the delivery of promotions/favors information to you;
   Other legal and regulatory requirements .

Personal information sharing

We may share or transmit your personal information both internally and externally.

a. Hotels under HNA Hospitality Group:
  Employees in the hotel;
  Employees in the reservation department;
  IT, business partners and sales department;
  Medical service (if needed);
  Legal department (if needed);
  The relevant people in any unit of HNA Hospitality Group in need of special categories of data

b. Outside service supplier and partner:
  Third party service providers: IT service providers, telecom/bank/computer/administrative service providers, legal advice and email service providers, printing companies and express companies;
   Business partners (aviation companies, travel agencies, etc.)

c.local institutions
In response to the requirement of the local government or in line with the requirements of the local laws and regulations, we may share your information with the local institutions.


When you visit our website, some information in the surfing process related to the browsing set (PC, cell phone and tablet PC ) may be recorded inside the “cookie” document and then stored in your equipment. Cookies shall keep your favorable texts amid your surfing in the internet. Unless you volunteer to tell us your information, such as registering as our member, Cookies will not let out the information. However, if you choose to input your personal information on the Internet, the information may be connected to the data stored inside cookies. We use cookies in order to improve the website’s content and service. For example, we use cookies to give you a more personalized experience of our webpages; Store your user name and password in the password-protected area; Provide the relevant products, items and services to you.

Data security

HNA Hospitality Group has adopted relevant technologies and management strategies to prevent customers’ information from being accidentally or illegally revised or lost, or used, revealed or accessed without authorization. However, any security system or Internet data transmission system cannot guarantee 100% safety. So we shall not bear responsibilities for any data loss, abuse or alteration.

To protect your privacy, we suggest that you do not contain sensitive personal information and credit card information when sending emails to us.

Inquire/revise personal information

You’re entitled to inquire and renew your personal data stored in our database. If your personal information changes, please renew it anytime. If you have any doubt about this policy, or require a query and update your personal data and information, please don’t hesitate to contact Tangla Service Center by dialing 4008 768 666 or via In order to protect the privacy of all HNA Hospitality Group customers, we shall conduct an identity checkup on you before answering your demands. You can decline the processing mode of your personal information in response to the privacy policy, however, it may result in the fact that we cannot provide some services required by you.

Policy update

We shall update this policy irregularly. Hereby we remind you to, regularly or when booking our hotel, browse this privacy policy carefully. Any revision concerning the policy will be unveiled at our website. Please learn the fact of how we collect and use your personal information in time. All update or revision will be immediately effective once being unveiled on our website. Once you use the website afterwards, it indicates that you have accepted the updated and effective policy.

Contact us

If you want to update your personal information, revise the contact information, or refuse to receive the sales information from HNA Hospitality Group from now on, or have any doubt on the privacy policy, please contact us through the following approaches: Phone:4008 768 666


This policy may be translated into other languages. If the Chinese version does not tally with other language versions, please take the Chinese version as the benchmark. August, 2014

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