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The HNA Hospitality Group was founded in 1997 by the HNA Group. Through the years, the hotel group has become a Top 100 Worldwide Hotel Management Corporation, the Most Competitive National Hotel Brand in China and the Best Hotel Management Corporation in China.

Tangla Rewards, which provides customers with value-added services and unique experience, was established by and affiliated to HNA Hospitality Group. Currently, the amount of member hotels of Tangla Rewardshas reached to 17, including Tangla Hotel, Business Hotel, Resort Hotels and many other sorts of hotels which are located in Haikou, Sanya, Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Xian, Changchun, Lanzhou and Inner Mongolia, etc.

Tangla Rewards members are entitled to exclusive privileges when staying at any of Tangla Rewards member hotels. A member can earn points after checking out from a member hotel and then redeem the points for hotel stays, air miles or other amazing gifts.

Tangla Rewardswill carry on the spirit of HNA Group—“Truly serves from the heart ", sincerely serve for each Tangla Rewardsmember and create perfect experience of Business Trip and holiday for you.

A Tangla Rewardsmember will be deemed to have accepted all relevant provisions of this Terms & Conditionsupon joining the club. HNA Hospitality Group and Tangla Rewardshave the right to amend, modify, delete or add Terms & Conditions provisions at any time, and the amendedTerms & Conditions will become effective immediately without further notice once posted on the Tangla Rewardswebsite. All members can log on the Tangla RewardsMember website for the updated Terms & Conditions.

1. Membership Qualifications and Fees

1.1 Applicants must be individuals who are at least 18 years old or have reached the age of majority in their country of residence;

1.2 An applicant must be a non-member who has not yet opened a member account or has not been disqualified by the club in the past;

1.3 Applicants can join the club free of charge.

2. Admission Method

An applicant may apply for a Tangla Rewardsmembership through the following three channels:

1) Log on the Tangla Rewardswebsite or any other mobile terminal, and register his/her information

2) Call the Tangla Rewardsmember service center and register his/her information

3) Register relevant information at the reception desk of a member hotel

After having his/her information reviewed and receiving a letter of confirmation from the Tangle Club, the applicant shall log on the Tangla Rewardswebsite to change his/her account password.This will enable the applicant to easily browse his/her account details and activities in the future

3. Membership Levels

3.1 Membership Tiers:

1) Tier: Tangla

2) Tier: Silver

3) Tier: Gold

4) Tier: Diamond

Each membership level is entitled to exclusive privileges. Tangla Rewardswill provide each member with distinguished and exclusive serves each time when he/she stays at a member hotel.

3.2 Description of Membership Levels

The membership is valid permanently.

1) Tangla Members: one can become a Tangla member by registering via phone or the Internet or at the reception desk of a Tangla Rewardsmember hotel.

2) Silver Members: in one valid assessment year since the date of admission into the Tangla Club (a valid assessment year refers to twelve consecutive months since the date of admission into the club), if a member stays at a Tangla Rewardsmember hotel for 3 nights (one night is defined as one night a member stays in a hotel room) or earns 2500 points, his/her membership level will be immediately upgraded to Silver level based on the assessment results.

3) Gold Members: in one valid assessment year since the date of admission into the Tangla Club, if a member stays at a Tangla Rewardsmember hotel for 20 – 50 nights or earns 10000 - 30000 points, his/her membership level will be immediately upgraded to Gold level based on the assessment results.

4) Diamond Members: in one valid assessment year since the date of admission into the Tangla Club, if a member stays at a Tangla Rewardsmember hotel for at least 50 nights or earns at least 30000 points, his/her membership level will be immediately upgraded to Diamond based on the assessment results.

5) The Tangla RewardsMember Service Center will continuously assess members according to members’ account details, and adjust members’ levels based on the assessment results for a valid assessment year. After one upgrades to the next level, Silver Member only have to stays at a Tangla Rewardsmember hotel for 2 nights or earn 1500 points in an assessment year to keep his/her silver lever; Gold Member only have to stays at a Tangla Club member hotel for 12 nights or earn 6000 points in an assessment year to keep his/her gold lever; Diamond Member only have to stays at a Tangla Rewardsmember hotel for 30 nights or earn 18000 points in an assessment year to keep his/her Diamond lever; If the member’s will be upgraded or degraded, the Tangla RewardsMember Service Center will remind the member of the points amount and relevant information at least one month earlier.

4. Hotel Member Benefits

After telling his/her phone number at the reception desk of a Tangla Rewardsmember hotel, a member who intends to stay at the hotel will receive exclusive services associated with his/her membership

Special Benefits Tangla Silver Gold Diamond
Regular Benefit Earning bounus points * Earn bonus points for qualified personal spending Base points Base points Base points *150% Base points *200%
Redeem points for HNA hotel stays, air miles or nice gifts
Reservation assurance * Room reservation assurance (before the check-in date) 3 days in advance 2 days in advance
Special telephone line for membership service
Express check in and check out channel
Free wifi
* Free local call
* Free domestic call    
* Late check out request is allowed when the occupancy permits 14.00pm 16.00pm 24.00pm
* If room occupancy permits, free upgrade to a next-higher level room.(suit room for Diamond Member).
* During hotel stay, free free ironing for two clothes  
* During hotel stay, free soft drinks in Mini Bar
* Early check in at 8:00 am if the occupancy permits
* 50% discount of added breakfast
Welcome Project * Free seasonable fresh fruit on the first day of stay  
* Welcome gift when checking in    
Special Benefits Birthday Benefit Birthday e-card and SMS
* 15% discount of F&B (in self operated restaurants) when staying in hotel or holding parties during the birthday week.
* One complimentary birthday cake and birthday greeting card with GM's signature when staying in hotel on the birthday date
* One complimentary one breakfast buffet or one dinner buffet when staying in hotel during the birthday week.

Special Benefits Benefit for registration Complimentary one coffee or Chinese tea in lobby lounge at the first registration.
1000 points bonus for registration.

Termination of Membership
5.Termination of Membership

If a member commits any of the following acts, Tangla Rewards will have the right to terminate his/her membership or to nullify all his/her unredeemed points:

1) The member has breached these provisions;

2) The member has made any misrepresentation in his/her application information or has improperly used his/her member account;

3) The member has received value-added services in violation of any national or local laws or regulations;

4) The member has committed fraud or misuse involving any content of Tangla Club;

5) The member owns more than one member accounts (other than member cards with any other content) ;

6) The member has otherwise caused any damage to HNA Hospitality Group.

6. About Tangla RewardsPoints

6.1Description of Points Rules:

1)A member may earn points through room rates or food/beverage expenses up to a certain standard. He/she cannot earn points for spending money before his/her entry into the club. Points have cash value and may not be traded in private, unless otherwise stated in these provisions.

2) Base points for personal spending: A member will earn one point for each RMB yuan he/she has spent on room; and will earn one point for every two RMB yuan he/she has spent on food.

6.2 Points will never be expired

6.3 Bonus points: Tangla Rewardswill provide 1000 free bonus points for a new member.

6.4 Expenses up to a certain standard include: room rates up to a certain standard (excluding service fee) food/beverage expenses.

6.5 A member cannot earn Tangla Rewardspoints for following spending: room rates for rooms reserved through any third-party website, spendings on free or in-kind transactions, use of bonus points,the comsumption paid by company, FIT reservation through any travel agency, group room reservation for conferences or travels, and protocol rooms, long-staying rooms, free rooms, exchange rooms and self-occupied rooms offered to airline crew.

6.6 Agreement on Maximum Points: A member may earn points for spending on several rooms (but no more than three hotel rooms per stay) if he/she has reserved more than one room for a stay, provided that the member shall stay in one of the rooms.

7.Points exchange

7.1 Redeem Points for Free Room Stay:

1) A member may redeem his/her points online via the official website of Tangla Club, Call Centre or Mobile Terminals;

2) A member cannot redeem his/her points for a free room-night stay in any room other than a room that can accommodate no more than two people;

3) A member may redeem a free hotel stay in no more than 3 rooms at one hotel each day.

7.2 Redeem Points for Air miles: A member may redeem Tangla Rewardspoints for air miles, 2 Tangla Club points for one air mile. Such air miles shall be transferred to the member’s account within two months since the date when the application for redemption is filed.

7.3 Redeem Points for Amazing Gifts:

1) An order shall be placed for the gift selected by a member, and the gift will be sent to the address designated by the member.

2) The mailing address for the gift shall be written completely in Chinese: the intended recipient ’s name, phone number, e-mail, ship-to address(authentic and valid) and postal code.

3) If the gift cannot be delivered due to any reason such as address unknown or wrong shipping information, mailing shall be re-scheduled at the cost of the member.

4) The gift may only be delivered to addresses in Mainland China.

5) Generally, the gift can be mailed within one week after the application is submitted, and is expected to arrive within 20 days. During public holidays or in case of goods shortage, mailing and delivery will be postponed accordingly.

6) Upon receipt of the gift, the member shall check to see if the products meets relevant requirements and sign for acknowledgement of receipt by himself/herself.

7) If any problem is encountered during such redemption, please call the member hotline timely.

8.Member Card Management

8.1 Card Issuance

1) Each member, at whatever level, will have an electronic virtual card.

2) If a member is upgraded to Diamond, the hospitality group will inquire him/her by phone, and the Diamond Member may, in its own discretion, decide whether or not a physical card is needed (all such physical cards shall be made and mailed by HNA Hospitality Group).

8.2 Password Reset and Report of Lost Password

1) A member’s password may be reset directly on the official website or through the call center, or be reset by a member hotel for and on behalf of the member after the member has applied for such reset by presenting his/her valid certificate to the reception desk of a Tangla Rewardsmember hotel.

2) If a Diamond Member has lost his/her member card, he/she shall report such loss by calling at 4008 768 666, in which case, Tangla Rewardsshall mail a new card after identity verification; or he/she shall report the loss by presenting his/her own identity card to the nearest HNA hotel, and the economic losses incurred before the report of loss shall be borne by the holder of the card.

9.Maintenance of Member Information

9.1 All the personal information provided by Tangla Rewardsmembers will be stored and maintained in the database owned by HNA Hospitality Group. Each member will guarantee the authenticity of the information provided by him/her, and shall agree to accept and expressly make following authorization:

Data shall be controlled and managed by HNA Hospitality Group or any of its subordinates, subsidiaries or franchisees, Tangla Rewardsor any third party authorized to represent Tangla Club, and such information may be used for such purposes as member record keeping, guest service, advertising, marketing and communication.

9.2 Each member has responsibility to maintain the rights to use his/her own member account and password and the confidentiality thereof, and shall agree to be liable for any activity conducted by using the account and password.

9.3 In order to safeguard a member’s full entitlement to all the member benefits offered by HNA Hospitality Group, the member shall timely notify the member center in case of any change in his/her information (such as mailing address, and other contact details)

10. Interpretation:

HNA Hospitality Group reserves the right to interpret these provisions.

All the privileges, services, terms and rules under this program shall be applicable to the hotels listed in the table below. Other Hotels of HNA Hotel Group currently are not included in this program.

Tangla Hotel Beijing 19 Fuxingmenwai St.,West Chang'an Avenue ,Beijing 10045, China 010-5857 6688
Tangla Hotel Tianjin No.219 Nanjing Road, Heping District, Tianjin 022-2321 5888
Tangla Hotel Dongguan No.8 Yingbin Road, Dongcheng District, Dongguan, Guangdong Province 0769-2269 8888
HNA Golf Fengjing Hotel No.8 Yingbin Road, Dongcheng District, Dongguan, Guangdong Province 0769-2269 8888
HNA Resort West Lake Hangzhou 1 Yanggong Causeway,Hangzhou,China 0571-8799 8899
The Tang Hotel Mount Baoting 8 Wenquan Road,Mount QiXian Hot Spring National Forest Park,Baoting,Hainan Province,China 0898-8508 5888
The Tang Hotel Wuxi 20 Huanshan East Road,Mashan,Wuxi,Jiangsu Province,China 0510-8508 5888
International Asia Pacific Convention Center Sanya Bay Resort Area, Sanya City, Hainan Province, P.R.China 0898-8833 2666
HNA Business Hotel Haikou No. 38 Datong Rd. Haikou, Hainan, P.R. China 0898-6679 6999
HNA Business Hotel Xi’an No. 258, Dongxin Street, Xi’an, Shanxi Province, P.R.China. 710004 029-8748 2888
HNA Grand Hotel Noble Changchun NO.4501Renmin Street,Changchun,JiLin Province,China 0431-8556 5666
HNA Business Hotel Changbaishan Changchun No.1448, New People Avenue, Changchun, Jilin Province, P.R.China 0431-5558 8888
HNA Grand Hotel Bedbuds Changchun No.5688,Renmin street.Changchun.China 0431-8556 3333
HNA Grand Hotel Danzhou 168 Zhongxing Road,Danzhou,Hainan Province,China 0898-3699 9999
HNA Express Inn Sanya Airport In the front of phoenix international Airport(about100meter) 0898-8869 8888
The Tang Hotel —boutique hotel brand
Garden Lane—comfortable business hotel brand
HNA Grand Hotel— HNA flagship brand
HNA Business Hotel—stylish business hotel brand